Keynote Speaker

Are you feeling burnt out? Do your leaders know how to lead with compassion? Are your employees overwhelmed? Would you like to improve company morale and productivity?

Want to feel great while accomplishing great work in 2023 and beyond?

Here’s how…

Kim works with organizations and individuals to offer essential skills for today. It’s her belief that when clarity, compassion, and contentment are present an inspired life is possible. As an experience keynote speaker, retreat coordinator, and wellness facilitator, Kim can bring her insight, enthusiasm, and experience directly to your audience to address important and timely topics like:

  • Addressing Burnout & Improving Wellbeing
  • Wellbeing @ Work: Create a foundation for you and your team (or family)
  • Four Quadrants of Wellbeing: Debrief, Relief, Grief, and Belief
  • The Coach Approach: Essential skills for today’s managers
  • Compassionate Leadership

Webinars, presentations, or follow-up programming is also available, including: